Creative Director
Posted date [Sep-12-2017]
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Title: Creative Director

Brooklyn NY (in-house only)

Competitive Salary and bonuses

A multi marketing group with a hub of creative‚s who help growing businesses thrive, is looking for a creative, innovative leader who will drive projects from creation to completion successfully. With a clear understanding of each project‚s objectives and the client‚s expected outcomes, they will both create and coordinate a plan of action, providing strong leadership to the creative team throughout the process.

Main Duties:

o Create and direct the creative process from start to finish

o Finalize project objectives & goals of outcome.

o Develop the direction needed for achieving the objectives.

o Create and present creative brief and plan to the client.

o Direct and organize the assigned team-member‚s duties.

o Provide ongoing clear direction and oversight to the team in accordance to the project brief

o Present to the client with engagement and clarity

o Drive projects to successful completion

o Be physically present in-office and available to provide guidance

o Keep project on schedule by staying in constant communication with team members throughout the process.

o Oversee that the project is completed with all expected deliverables, both on time and within budget.

Qualification summary:

The ideal candidate will be both an artistic creative, as well as a thinker and planner. They will have a bright imagination and innovative mind. It is important they are familiar with current creative industry trends. As a leader of creative‚s, strong decision making skills are necessary as well as the ability to adapt. The position entails juggling between different projects, in different stages. Professional communication skills are key - both verbal and written, with the ability to give dynamic presentations and pitches. For each project undertaken, they will take personal responsibility and display initiative. They will possess a keen understanding of working business practices and the strategies involved. They must have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

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Job Title Creative Director
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