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Director of Media Relations, NYC - The Hired Guns
Posted date [Jan-04-2017]
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Director of Media Relations, NYC - The Hired Guns

This month, Jupiter is in the sign of the Guinea Pig and the moon will be crossing the Elliptical Trainer while, further out from earth, Planet W2 will be in its strongest form. Very auspicious time for acquiring new household pets, taking up gym memberships, and applying for dream jobs, especially given your particular birth month and your years of experience managing corporate communications. Normally we try to keep our readings vague, but in this case we‚ll go out on a limb and state specifically that you should apply for this gig handling media relations for a leading manufacturer of critical components and customized technologies, which is poised for growth over the coming years.

The Nitty Gritty

Working with the VP of Communications and with the various business unit communication leads, you‚ll be the company‚s face when it comes to interacting with external media sources. That‚ll mean plenty of good old-fashioned relationship-building, such that you‚re on the soundest of footings to handle press inquiries as well as finding meaty outlets for the content that you yourself are responsible for generating. That, of course, entails a significant digital element ‚ you‚ll manage web content and social media, leveraging both (and other technologies) to advance the strategies of the business units and get the word out on product launches, expansions, and corporate announcements. Press releases, fact sheets, presentations, newsletters, web articles, the annual report, tweets and postings ‚ that‚s all you.

But wait! There‚s more! In this season of bounty, you‚ll also be expected to fill a strategic communications role, providing counsel to execs on PR strategies to further the company‚s mission. And you‚ll sit at the tip of the funnel when it comes to media efforts at the regional and business-unit levels, ensuring that all media materials pass through the corporate review process, which is your thing, too. Oh, and in order to get all this work done, you‚ll need to call on agency and external-vendor help, which means you‚ll have to manage those relationships.

Hired Gun ProÔ¨le

As the above description makes clear, this is a job for a grownup like you, requiring managerial talent, superb written and oral communication skills, and a generous dollop of collaborative spirit. Thank goodness you were born under the sign of the Adult, and have all of that in spades. As a matter of fact, this gig is viewed internally as a path to CCO, so if you‚ve got your heart set on the C-Suite, here is your gilt-edged ticket.

Thank goodness, too, that you‚re as energetic and organized as you are ‚ monitoring media coverage of your firm, managing crisis response, and juggling the other numerous aspects of your job all at once might be too much for a lesser being. But we‚ve studied your sign and know that you‚re of that breed that thrives on variety and the challenge of constant activity. No one‚s ever called you selfish, either: As you‚ve made your way up through, working in communications (digital and otherwise) at agencies and brands, you‚ve become a little bit famous for developing the talents of others. You take as much pride in doing your own work well as you do in selecting and grooming other talented people and watching them shine.

Inside Skinny

This job clearly has a strong digital component, but not to the neglect of traditional, low-fi communication methods. Be sure to tell us how you excel at both.

Net Net

An exciting company, an in-the-thick-of-it communications role that leaves you knocking on the door of the C-Suite? What are you, waiting for the Sun to enter the House of Communications?

All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, creed, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, marital status, disability, or any other status protected by applicable law.

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